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Company Information

Address: 5928 S.27th St
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Phone Number: (414) 282-4316


Store Policy


  • We can not remove your old furniture if you are having something new delivered
  • If the furniture you purchased doesn’t fit into your house, you will receive a store credit for the amount of purchase, please measure first
  • Purchased items must be removed from the store within 5 days, unless the items are being delivered or other arrangements have been made. If picking up items please bring someone with you to help you load as we may not always be available to help. If left over 5 days the items will be put back on the market and you will receive a store credit. Marcia’s does not call to remind you of your furniture purchases.

Thank you for your Cooperation

What Drives Us?

We love the used furniture business. People can find things they cannot get anywhere else. Many items are one of a kind. That makes our business fun. We are not high pressure sales people and believe that people should enjoy their experience, not feel like they are being sold something. We offer delivery service as well.

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(414) 282-4316