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Chalk Paint or Wine and Paint Classes

Currently None Scheduled, but ask us and stay tuned for dates and times!

How to Create a Stuning Furniture Piece

Do you have that special piece of furniture already, or found the perfect piece of furniture in our store but the color is all wrong? Paint it!

We will teach you how in our highly popular Chalk Paint Classes, using Chalk Country Paints.

No, there is no chalk in the paint, but it is a fantastic paint to work with to create that special unique look. If your furniture pieces’ finish is in bad shape, don’t get rid of it, but give it a new look with these fun paints and make it look amazing! The paints dry quickly and you can even create that fun distressed look. Many fun colors available in store.

The products contain low to no V.O.C.s and are water based for easy clean up.

Call to find out when the next class is!

The cost is ONLY $60. This includes your 1st jar of paint, a wax brush, wine or soda & $20 in Marcia Money that can be used towards a used furniture purchase.

If you can visualize it – you can do it!

These pictures are just a few examples of what can be done with chalk paint.


What Drives Us?

We love the used furniture business. People can find things they cannot get anywhere else. Many items are one of a kind. That makes our business fun. We are not high pressure sales people and believe that people should enjoy their experience, not feel like they are being sold something. We offer delivery service as well.

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