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Company Information

Address: 5928 S.27th St
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Phone Number: (414) 282-4316


About Marcia’s

Marcia’s Second Time Around, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years. We buy and sell quality new and used furniture and other household items. If you are selling furniture to us we ask you to describe what you have in terms of what it is, the age, the condition, and how much you are asking for the items. If it sounds like something we can use and the price is in our range, you can either bring it in or schedule an appointment to have us come to you if you have enough items for us to justify the trip to you. You could also email us a picture at Or, call us at (414) 282-4316.

If you are looking to buy items, we have 7700 square feet of rotating furniture for every room of the house. It is fun to stop in once a week if you do not find it the first time. You would be amazed how quickly it changes, and the bargains you will find. You can also check out the inventory pictures on our website, which we update weekly. They are not a complete inventory however, so a trip to 5928 S. 27th Street is always the best solution.

How to Get There?

What Drives Us?

We love the used furniture business. People can find things they cannot get anywhere else. Many items are one of a kind. That makes our business fun. We are not high pressure sales people and believe that people should enjoy their experience, not feel like they are being sold something. We offer delivery service as well.

Call Now for Availability
(414) 282-4316